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Open Fire (CD) Please check for availability details


Our debut album Open Fire is now out of stock, A few copies are available from our back catalogue distributor here 

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Our debut album, released December 2012.

Track listing:
Flesh and bone - 5.10
A casual believer - 5.40
16 Tonnes - 6.51
Screaming through the noise - 5.45
A multitude of angels - 6.07
In the shadows - 9.32
Behind the silence - 4.05
The spark - 7.10
ICU - 6.04

Steve Anderson - guitar, keyboards & backing vocals
Steve Checkley - keyboards
Andrew Rae - drums
Andy Rowe - bass & backing vocals
Martin Wilson - vocals

Written, performed and produced by The Room.

Recorded and mixed at Platform Studio, Berkshire.
Engineered by Damon Sawyer.
Mastered by Sabian at FullSound Mastering.


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“Engaging, enigmatic music that merges the boundaries between AOR, prog and melodic rock. As debuts go, Open Fire is an impressive and lasting statement.”

Fireworks Magazine