Poster bundle – 2x Posters, Signed Postcard & Badge
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2 CD & DVD Bundle
2 CD Bundle – Caught by the Machine & Bedlam
T-shirt Ladies V-Neck – ‘The Room’ Logo
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T-shirt – ‘The Room’ Logo
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T-shirt – ‘A Casual Believer’
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Live DVD (Region 0)
Caught by the machine (CD)


Vanished (for Eric) Tribute Single Release

We are delighted to announce the release of a new single called “Vanished (for Eric)” on December 1st 2023. It’s…

HRH v1
HRH Prog 2020

Yes we have to get through the whole Brexit thing, then there is our tour, then Christmas, but before you…

Cambridge Rock Festival

As you may have seen, we make a return trip to the awesome Cambridge Rock festival on 27th July 2019….

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